Armenia Tourist Destinations For Impressive Holiday Trip

Armenia is a home to rich heritage along with its ancient monuments and the highlands, also its love for theater and arts make Armenia a famous tourist destination. This article has briefly compiled the major tourist destinations of Armenia.

Armenia formerly a part of U.S.S.R is known as world’s first Christian country since ancient times. It lies in Caucasus region bordered by Turkey, Georgia, Iran and Azerbaijan. It is home to Lake Sevan also known as Sevana Lich in local dialect. In 1997 Armenia became a member of the World Tourism Organization. The capital city is Yerevan.

Armenia has many museums, theaters and concert halls. They have been practicing theater since more than past 2000 years, so for them it’s more like a tradition. There are lot of choices of performances such as concerts, Puppet Theater and jazz music. It is also home to ancient monasteries, churches and forts. Some of the important monasteries are Geghard Monastery, Haghartsin Monastery, Haghpat Monastery, Tatev Monastery, Akhtala Monastery, Kirants Monastery and many more.

Armenia has world’s longest cable car line and it even holds a Guinness World Record for it. If you are interested in mountain climbing, then make Armenia tourist destination. There are many tour operators who make arrangements for mountain climbing enthusiasts. The highlands in Armenia are best suited for mountain climbing purpose. It is also home to many bird species such as Caspian Snowcock, Caucasian Grouse, Armenian Gull, Persian Wheatear, Semi-Collared Flycatcher and Ride’s Accentor. A spring-summer Bird watching trip is the best way to encounter Caucasian specialties. Most often bird lovers make Armenia tourist destination.

The cuisine of Armenia is aromatic due to the mix of spices in it. The cuisine here is known for the use of unusual herbs and lot of greens in it. The barbecues of Armenia are considered specialty among its people, for example the shish-kebab. Lavash is the standard bread in Armenia, high in quality and flavor, mostly consumed with local cheese or kebabs. There are tours arranged in order to visit certain wineries. There are three main types of wines produced in Armenia such as ordinary table wines, branded wines and special quality branded wines. Here in Armenia you will find 40 types of grapes. Most wine enthusiasts like the idea of Armenia tourist destination for their upcoming vacations.

For shopping purposes you can visit Vernissage, it is a weekend Arts and Crafts fair and from Monday to Friday they have this gold market where you can buy jewellery at one-third the price you pay at home. In Armenia you can buy antiques, souvenirs and handmade carpets.

Those who like arts can visit the National Arts Gallery, where you will find paintings of Russian and European artists. You can also visit the Children Arts Gallery which is unique in its kind to the world. Truly Armenia is worth the visit and all these factors have lead people to make Armenia tourist destination.

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