Asmara-the tiny and safest city of Africa

Asmara is also known as “Asmara” is the capital of Eritrea. The place has diversity in history. It is a tiny city of Africa and also known as the safest place of the world.

Asmara is also known as “Asmara” is the capital of Eritrea. The place has diversity in history. It is a tiny city of Africa and also known as the safest place of the world. Hence a number of people flock here through the flights to Asmara. Many airlines serve the people in order to give cheap flights to Asmara and many are still launching their services. It is an amazing place with scenic beauty and natural freshness. A lot of people particularly from London come to visit it hence the flights to Asmara from London are a great source of economic and financial development of the country. People who come by the flights to Asmara regard it a beautiful, charming, attractive and amazing city which is breathtaking not only for the visitors but for the people residing in. It is an outstanding example of the perfect human settlement. People who come to Asmara by the cheap flights to Asmara normally constitute the visitors and the tourists who come to spend some time or vacations here.

The history of the Eritrea reveals that the place stayed occupied for quite a time but after the independence the sweetness and the natural life of the city was returned. As a matter of fact, the development of Asmara has been dramatically ever since. A huge of people from London come to witness the unique and exotic life of city hence the airlines offer services by giving affordable flights to Asmara from London.The peculiar features include bars, architectural designs, cinemas, cafes, hotels, restaurants, dance halls, pensions, shops and tree-lined avenues. The people landing here through the flights to Asmara from London particularly say that the inhabitants of this place are immensely hospitable and you feel at home here. There is an appreciable percentage of people visiting to Asmara who want to spend their honeymoons or some romantic time with their partners. For all such people the London airlines are doing amazing services by offering timely flights to Asmara from London.

Asmara is not the beautiful city of Africa but in the whole world. A major reason why people prefer this area of the African continent is that it is tiny yet the safest place this planet could offer. Hence being there is a sense of great security. Airlines providing flights to Asmara are a great source of assistance for the people and if the packages offer cheap flights to Asmara, the things are even amazing. Asmara also has religion diversity. The three big landmarks include St Joseph’s Cathedral, Asmara of the Catholic faith, the End a Mariam Coptic Cathedral of the Eritrean Orthodox Tewahedo Church and the Al Khulafa Al Rashiudin Mosque of the Islamic faith. The people from the different religions live here in peace and harmony together. Moreover it has steppe climate. In short if you consider visiting the beautiful and safe places of the world, do not forget to include the city of Asmara in the list. It is a great place to be at.

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