Best places to visit in Mahabaleshwar in the monsoon

Mahabaleshwar has cold weather during the whole year but the monsoon season is the best for visiting Mahabaleshwar as you will get to see the beautiful views of this hill station and you can go for tracking, but be careful because the way could be slippery.

The heavy rainfall and cold weather temperature are for the entire year like a common thing in Mahabaleshwar, so you should bring one or two pairs of raincoats and have some good gripping shoes which can help you while trekking. Although you can go from the forest area raincoat is necessary because rain is unpredictable here during the monsoon.

Monsoon season is the best for long drives and for the people nearby Mahabaleshwar town it is like a treat. The hill station Mahabaleshwar is the best place where you can have long drives and with some iconic views. In Mahabaleshwar, you can visit some of the loveliest places where you can spend quality time during the monsoon season. Some places to visit in Mahabaleshwar in the monsoon are given below.

1. Waterfalls

You can visit waterfalls located in Mahabaleshwar. in the monsoon season, there is fresh water in the waterfalls and lakes which will make you feel refreshing. Just imagine you are under the waterfall and there will be sudden rain that has started, how beautiful it will be. You can have such an experience only in the monsoon season. some of the waterfalls where you can visit are Lingmala waterfall, Dhobi waterfall, Chinaman’s falls, and Vajrai waterfalls, etc.

 2.  Temples

You can visit some holy places like Temples and churches in the Mahabaleshwar. There are two churches in Mahabaleshwar, the holy cross church and the Christ church, Panchganga Temple is the best to visit during the monsoon season because you can see the confluence of the five rivers here which are Krishna, Savitri, Gayatri, Koyna, and Venna. This place was constructed around the 13th century by Raja Singhandeo and He was one of the kings of the Yadava’s Dynasty.

3. Elephant head point

Elephant head point is the place where you can get the best view of the Dhom Dam, Kamalgadh, and Pandavgadh. In the monsoon season, the greenery is what you can’t miss. This viewpoint has been named as elephant head point because it has a cliff that resembles the elephant’s head and trunk.

4. Elphinstone point

Elphinstone point is one of the highest viewpoints in Mahabaleshwar. It is covered by two valleys which have been made by Savitri and Koyna river. This place is not for small children as it is scary for them. But the people who love trekking are fond of this place. You can get mesmerized when you’ll be on the top of Elphinstone point.

 5. Kas pathar

Kas pathar are the volcanic plateau located in the Satara district. It is at the end of Mahabaleshwar’s tour. Located 37 km away from Mahabaleshwar this place is known for its beauty. Kaas pathar had the most amount of rainfall as compared to other areas of Mahabaleshwar which makes this place unique. Because of its unique features, this area has developed flora and fauna that’s why this place is also known as a Biodiversity hotspot. This is the main attraction for the tourists. Conclusion

If you are not a fan of the summer season then Mahabaleshwar surely will become your favorite places to visit during monsoon season. So as we came to the end of this article you can start your journey towards these places which will surely make you happy. This monsoon season makes your way to Mahabaleshwar and makes some joyful memories.

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This monsoon season makes your way to Mahabaleshwar and makes some joyful memories.

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