Best Things to do on Ibiza Holidays

Ibiza is a Balearic island and famous as the party destination. Discover world-class beaches, super clubs, and history on Ibiza Holidays.

The Balearic Island, Ibiza is an archipelago of Spain in the Mediterranean Sea. Famously known as the party destination, it has many best things to do. Indeed, this isle makes you involved in dance, music, and the clubbing scene. From the world-famous beaches to the fascinating history and scrumptious food are really interesting. Moreover, the bustling markets, beautiful rugged landscape and laidback way of life encourage you to do a little extra on Ibiza Holidays. Thousands of tourists flock to Ibiza Town every year. Discover UNESCO World Heritage sites, castles, museums, Beach bars, Cathedrals, and art in Ibiza. Also, enjoy its vibrant nightlife.

The Castle

The castle of Ibiza is one of the most important sights. Start walking around here and see this wonderful landmark. Perched on the hill of Ibiza town, one can see over the city. Moreover, it is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The fortress contains the castle itself, the Governor House, Almudyana the citadel, and twelve towers. With 12th to 18th-century architectural design, the interior is also marvelous. The castle is guided through signs leading to different parts of the area with a little history about the place. Watch the spectacular view of the city on the top with Holidays to Ibiza.

Dalt Vila

Dalt Vila is a UNESCO World Heritage site. It is one of the most preserved towns in Europe. This Old Town is also one of the most highlight things on Cheap Holidays to Ibiza. Wandering through its streets of the Dalt Vila and find a mix of ancient and modern structures. See the high-end fashion boutiques on the left and medieval restaurants on the right.

Ibiza Cathedral

Explore Ibiza Cathedral while you visit the Old Town. It is situated just below Ibiza Castle. This cathedral dates back to the 14th-century. Moreover, the architecture is Gothic but the interior containing a blend of Gothic and Baroque styles. To reach the cathedral you need to follow a bit of steep way. And you can also see the view of the city by climbing up.

The Rock of Es Vedra
This place is quite mysterious, unknown, uninhabited. That makes it fascinating. Es Vedra is an island off the coast of Ibiza and its most distinctive aspect is a rock. Moreover, the island is full of myths and legends. Although, one cannot deny the magical power of the island that captures the eyes.

Cala Comte
With white sand and crystal clear waters, it is a perfect place for beachgoers. Cala Comte takes a 30-minute drive from the capital. Furthermore, this island comprises a view of a few small islands and uniquely studded rock formations. Hence, a number of people visit this beach but it is still a more quiet and peaceful place. It also offers some fabulous restaurants in the area like Sunset Ashram which has a captivating architectural design. Enjoy the heart winning scene at the night with music and relax and eat in the morning.

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