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    Moissanite Engagement Halo Ring 2CT Center 18K White Gold Plated Silver D Color Ideal Cut Diamond Wedding Ring for Women…

    Jewelry $79.00

    ★ 【PREFECT JEWELRY FOR YOU】: Where there is great love, there are always miracles. This moissanite diamond ring is made of moissanite, it’s strong, bright white, has incredible sparkle and fire yet doesn’t look fake, a classic and elegant style that fits every girl. We inlay small stones on both sides of the main stone to create additional attention on this ring that really makes it stand out! 100% handmade!! It truly deserves a spot in every jewelry collection
    ★ 【TOP GRADE MOISSANITE】: This moissanite rings for women with center stone 2ct(Dia 8mm), around 0.1ct moissanite accents, total 2.1ct, band width around 2.6mm. D-E color grade make it looks clear, ring setting metal is Platinum Over Sterling Silver. The stones feature hand made setting instead of wax setting, to ensure our stones are stronger and safer on the setting; On the other hand, the hand made setting will make the stones look more neat and will not uneven, to ensure a high-end outlook
    ★ 【IDEAL HEARTS&ARROWS CUT】: A precious cut that reveals 8 perfect hearts and 8 perfect arrows. Less than 1% of the Moissanite Loose Stone will qualify to become a 8 hearts & arrows cut.Fall in love with the world’s most perfectly cut, SecreTalk Jewelry — giving you and your love the most spectacularly bright and shimmering stone to forever memorialize your bond.

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