Canada’s Coolest City – Toronto

Toronto is one of the coolest cities in the world. Though not a huge city, it has a population of 2.5m or so and is one of the most happening places in all of Northern America. Situate in Ontario, the area is famed for its sports teams, sites and the friendliness of the Canadian people. So, what should you see when in the capital of Ontario?

CN Tower

Well there is no doubt that the world famous CN tower is a necessity to see as it is the world’s tallest tower and the highest building in the world. The tower is so high that you can see the amazing Niagara Falls from the observation deck – a view of a life time. If such heights are not for you then you won’t enjoy the amazing glass floor, which allows you to see onto the ground and peer onto the clouds below – amazing.

The tower itself is not just a tower it also includes an array of things to do and there are numerous amusements and rides below which will keep you entertained as well as a 3D movie theatre and a number of shops. The CN Tower is spectacular and one of the finest feats of engineering in the world.

Steam Whistle Brewery

Though if you are in for a more leisurely activity and up to experience a real pat of Canadian life, then a visit to the Steam Whistle Brewery along with the essential tour of the factory is a must. The company has been making beer here for over 100 years and the beer got its name from the fact the building used to make it used to be a locomotive station for steam engines.

There are very impressive tours of the brewery and the guide informs you of a number of interesting facts and stories about this popular Canadian beer. Alongside this there is the obvious testing session at the end where you get a free glass of the light beer. If you wish there are also packages to have as much beer as you want at the end and so are ideal for a party or a little treat with your holiday deal.

Parks and the Outdoors

Walking off beer is easily done in Toronto and the city has a number of spectacular parks for you to explore around. The area of the four islands is ideal for people looking for some fresh air in the middle of the city and has a number of walks, trails and even a beach to relax on. The area also offers activities such as climbing, rafting and kayaking and it is possible to arrange lessons with professionals should you wish – look out for holiday deals in this area.

Markets and Shops

Kensington Market and Spadina Avenue offer a more relaxing approach to the area and there are a huge number of coffee shops, bistros and eateries around the area – many of whom source their food from the market. The market itself also offers visitors the chance to eat from the stalls as well as just have a nice browse. The area is a great place to go with a holiday deal.

The area is famed for its flea market and the junk and charity shops that litter it. This also leads it to be the hipper, cooler area of the city and means the pubs and bars around here are excellent for catching some local musical talent and get a grasp of the art scene in the city.

Culture it Up

If all this loud noise and too much good food are too much, then the Ontario Museum is also a great place to visit. The museum holds over 6m artefacts and offers a great experience for children, allowing them numerous forms of tactile and entertaining approaches to learning. The museum, though far from the Middle East geographically has a wide selection of Persian artefacts as well as many items from The Roman Empire and Ancient Greece – something not expected upon entry. There are also numerous dinosaur artefacts; such is Canada’s history of dinosaur graveyards.

Of Course there’s always Niagara

For those that wish to take a trip further out of town, Niagara is not so far away and offers one of the most awesome views in nature. Expect to see the something amazing and you still won’t be disappointed. The 730m wide waterfall has a drop of 53m and amazingly pushes 202,000 cubic feet of water per second over the edge. Worth seeing, especially if you get good value with holiday deals.

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