Chile Travel: Discover the Elqui Valley

Discover the wonders of Northern Chile on your next Chile trip. Indulge in the beauty of the Elqui Valley with this article written by a Chile travel expert

Chile is a country of vast terrains from the desert, to the icescapes there are plenty of sights to see. Most people head to the country’s capital, Santiago where museums, restaurants, and shopping are abundant. Located approximately 470km north of the capital city, the hustle and bustle of the city can no longer be found, in the Elqui Valley. You are sure to experience magnificent views day and night when heading north on your trip to Chile.

Set amidst towering mountains the Elqui valley is lush and sunny and the green landscapes set a sharp contrast to its surroundings. The region is full of wine vineyards, fruit orchards, adobe houses, and handicrafts, and is famous for its high energy flow and natural magnetic powers. Arguably its most alluring quality this northern region holds, is its pristine night skies, with three international observatories, you will marvel at the endless stars found in the black skies. Also home to the charming city of La Serena which is rich in culture, history and natural beauty, the Elqui Valley provides travelers with plenty to do and see.

Explore the second oldest city in Chile, La Serena. Admire the history and architecture on a walk through the city’s lovely avenues. The city has 29 colonial churches, pristine gardens, and a lively market, none of which should be missed. The market is full of vendors selling a variety of goods, from handicrafts and weavings to fresh fruit from the valley. A must see on your trip to La Serena is the city’s official symbol, the lighthouse. Accessible by Avenida del Mar, which runs along the coast, the lighthouse and the port of Coquimbo are great places to visit. For the most beautiful beach in the area head to La Herraqdura Bay where you can enjoy the beach or one of the area’s fantastic restaurants. The city of La Serena is the perfect place for travelers to stay while exploring the beauty of the Elqui Valley.

With a warm and sunny climate, the Elqui Valley is the perfect destination for any Chile vacation, year round. Discover the areas beautiful scenery, from green cultivated fields of lucuma, olives, and apple orchards to the many vineyards, all of which surround little villages that are scattered throughout. The views during the day are not the only reason to stop in the Elqui Valley, with some of the clearest skies in the Southern hemisphere; it is the perfect place to view the infinite stars above. The climate of the valley and its absence of light pollution provide optimal conditions for star gazing, which is why many observatories are located here, making it one of the most visited places in Northern Chile.

Make sure to visit the Elqui Valley, it is the perfect destination for your Chile trip, providing culture, history, and natural wonders day and night.

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