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Venice is a city of romance, rivaling Paris in the minds of romantic couples. Known as the city of canals, there is enough to do to make an entire holiday in Venice or simply a relaxing weekend break in Venice.

The ideal place for small breaks, Venice is perhaps the most gorgeous and idealistic town in Europe. It is actually an astonishing destination, this floating town is one of Italy’s riches and has enthused and stimulated artists, singers, poets and writers for many decades. Its churches and museums are house to invaluable works of art and its collapsing buildings only add to the added sophisticated feeling that trickles from the zigzag passageways and flowing canals.

Frequently we have visualized Venice in so many movies and pictures that we all have an representation of this city embedded on our brains; however the Queen of the Adriatic by no means fails to live up to its status. Water laps at the foot of palaces, bobbling boats line up the canals and the sight across the water from the Palazzo Ducale is just amazing and out of this world and seems as Canaletto decorated it.

Established approximately fifteen hundred years ago on a group of 117 islands, Venice is an amalgamation of small districts. The churches and public squares now connected by a network of zigzag laneways and canals are edged by architectural trinkets – all that remnants of the city’s glory days as one of the most significant business connections between the East and West.

Ever since its credited days Venice has not changed so much, its magnificent medieval constructions are jammed in a time twist that no one dare challenge or upset. An ultimate city for short break venice is very compact and ideal for walking but you can get lost among the city’s snaky lanes.

Even though the chief views such as St Mark’s Square and Basilica, the Rialto Bridge and the Palazzo Ducale are crowded with large number of people all the year around from all over the world, at the same time it is not complicated to get away from the crowds. The backside streets are creased with buildings that in any other city would be most important attractions, the museums are bursting with riches and the drowsy islands of Italy’s most well-known lagoon embraces glories of their own.

The everlasting magnificence of Venice will make an impression even on the most cynical of travelers. Make a quick visit to Venice as it may have a flashy and a colorful past but it also has a vague future. The ever increasing number of travelers and thinning local population cause danger to its position as a highly structured theme park and increasing water levels intimidate to flood its palaces, cathedrals and museums.

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