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    Mooto Korea Taekwondo MarShoes Mar Shoes with Pouch MMA Martial Arts Yoga Gym Academy School House Skin Socks Type Red…

    Martial Arts

    New concept shoes Sock type martial arts, even 4-year-old children can easily take them off, People who wear Marshoes can be separated from from marts that other use with bare feet/You can do various activities with Marshoes that have Non-slip function/ Easy to carry when traveling and exercising / Keep Warmth you can wear Mar shoes from late Autumn to early Spring and feel warm with breathable function.
    1. Hygiene: Protects sweat and harmful germs such as athlete’s foot from Dojangs which are for athletes such as from infants to adults.
    2. Activities: Non-slip fabrics on the bottom helps to prevent slipping / 3. Convenience: It is suitable for indoor activities such as Taekwondo, Yoga, Home and also for slipper when you have a long flight

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