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Despite the fact that it is a capital city of Slovenia, Ljubljana has a small area of land. Ljubljana has populations of 330,000 whereby 10% of the populations are students. Read this article to find out more about this beautiful town.

A general knowledge to start with – The capital of Slovenia is Ljubljana. Historically, Slovenia is formerly a division of Yugoslavia. Slovenia is placed in the centers of Hungary (on the east), Croatia (on the south), Italy (on the south west) and Austria (on the north). Moreover, Slovenia has a wide and small extended coast in Adriatic where it can be reached by ferry from ports in Trieste, Italy.Despite the fact that it is a capital city of Slovenia, Ljubljana has a small area of land. Ljubljana has populations of 330,000 whereby 10% of the populations are students. This is the main reason of why Ljubljana has youthful atmospheres. However, Ljubljana is not only declared as the capital and biggest city in Slovenia. This capital city is the only “real city” in Slovenia since its neighbour city, Maribor, in the direction North East, is known as the second city in Slovenia with the populations of 100,000 and plays role as the main core of Slovenia’s cultural activity and business. Still, Maribor does not have the specification of what Ljubljana has.The river of Ljubljana, which is called as Ljubljanica flows all over through the capital city but it seem likely to be an inland waterway as it flows through the city. There are lots of road bridges and pedestrians on both sides of Ljubljanica but these three bridges, Triple Bridge ( a tri-zig-zagged path bridge), Dragon Bridge (ornamented with well-carved green dragons and it is believed among local folks that these dragons will wag their tail whenever a virgins pass by the bridge), and Shoemakers Bridge (well known of the spot where shoemakers works during the medieval times) are the most remarkable for the ones who are most likely to use these bridges to cross in or out of the city. The river has a color of astonishing turquoise-green which looks really beautiful when the light of the city is bright especially at night. For one who prefers to have romantic atmospheres, they can hire a Venetian looks gondola to cruise around the city.Moreover, Ljubljana is the type of city where tourists can keep walking without feeling of visiting the attractions of the city. Through the old town, their primary street connects Stari trg and Mestni trg. Trg is known as Square in Slovenian. The Robba Fountain and the Magistrat can be found in Mestni Square as well as the fountain which portrays three Tritons and is sculpted on one of Rome’s where these three tritons stand for the three rivers in Ljubljana.There are plenty of museums in Ljubljana. The primary museum area is located at the north of Republike Square. Normally, during the first time of visiting this square, tourists usually will think that Republike Square only contains the Culture centre, congress centre and parliament building but the square actually is built as a large carpark area which is surrounded by these buildings. The museum offers the natural history and section covered history, collections of coins, varieties of minerals sample and gems and collections of Rome Empire archaeological finds.

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