Ethiopia Tourist Destinations For Marvelous Holiday Trip

Ethiopia, the second most populous nation in Africa, is situated in Horn of Africa. Ethiopia tourist destinations have been attracting people from different parts of the world.

Ethiopia is a country situated in Horn of Africa and is the second most populous nation in Africa. It is the oldest independent country in Africa and the second oldest official Christian nation in the world after Armenia. Ethiopia’s storied and sovereign history has left its wide-ranging and fertile highlands laden with historical treasures, ranging from the ancient tombs and obelisks of Aksum to 17th-century castles and burnt-out Russian tanks. Ethiopia tourist destinations provide a rich glimpse of ancient sites and monuments.

Sof Omar is a tiny Muslim village in Bale. It is a site of an amazing complex of natural caves cut by the Wab River as it found its way from the nearby mountains. This religious site is named after a local Sheikh. Armed with torches and official map, visitors make their way underground, far into the bowels of the earth, besides a subterranean stream, and there they can see an extraordinary number of arched portals, high eroded ceilings and deep echoing chambers. Ethiopia tourist destinations provide us with the opportunity of getting acquainted with the beauty of Ethiopia. 

The Ethiopian Rift Valley is a part of the famous East African Rift Valley. It comprises of numerous hot springs, beautiful lakes and a variety of wildlife. This valley is the result of two parallel faults in the earth’s surface between which, in distant geological time, the crust was weakened, and the land subsided. The Great Rift Valley’s passage through Ethiopia is marked by a chain of seven lakes. Ethiopia is also referred as the “water tower” of Eastern Africa because of many rivers that pour off the high tableland. Ethiopia tourist destinations have attracted many visitors from different parts of globes.

Debre Damo is a monastery, which is said to have the oldest existing intact church in Ethiopia. This monastery can only be reached by rope pulley. Yeha is a 5th century B.C. temple; its massive walls house Judaic relics and historic artifact. Bahar Dar is a small town set on the south-eastern shore of lake Tana, where local fisherman still use papyrus boat, and just 30 kilometers from the spectacular Tissisat Falls. Here the Blue Nile creates smoking water, which is an awe-inspiring sight as it plunges into the gorge below. Gonder was the 17th century capital of Ethiopia, and is notable for its medieval castles and churches. In Addis Ababa, St. George Cathedral is a popular attraction and is known for its beautiful architecture.

Ethiopian cuisine has a distinctive edge, especially the Injera, the pancake which serves as a tablecloth. It is made of flour Tef, which is only available in Ethiopia. Doro Wat is a national dish. Dabo Kolo is the tiny, fried, snack like cookies which are very popular in Ethiopia. Ethiopia tourist destinations have lot to offer and people visiting Ethiopia will not be disappointed at all.

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