Fun and Unforgettable Trip to most favourite destination- Auckland

Auckland is the epitome of beauty and natural views. Find out more about my trip to Auckland and all the other things about it.

Traveling always makes me feel super refreshed and rejuvenated. Once again, it was that time of the year when I had to plan a trip to a fantastic destination. This time I chose Auckland. Many of my friends and cousins have been to Auckland, and they have always asked me to visit this place. I have heard the best things about this destination, and this time finally, I planned a trip to the same destination.

We started preparing for our trip as I finalized all the bookings, I also booked our fight with Lufthansa Airlines Reservations. Finally, the day arrived, and we boarded our flight to Auckland. We landed at the Auckland airport. From the airport, we booked a cab for our hotel, “heartland hotel Auckland airport.” One of the reasons why I booked this hotel was because it was neither too far nor too close to the airport. Also, it is one of the best properties to stay in Auckland. After reaching the hotel, we spent some time there and had some rest. Then we stepped out to eat something. We wanted to try the local food of Auckland as we heard it was yummy and best to satisfy the taste buds. So, we tried seafood at the Sails restaurant, and the seafood was mouth-watering. After the seafood, we wanted to try some desserts, so we tried ‘hokey pokey,’ this was the best dessert I had in my life. After enjoying our food, we returned to our hotel.

On the next and second day of our trip, we wanted to explore the best landmarks of this place. Auckland was the most beautiful destination of all the places I have visited in my life. The views this city has to offer are insane and surreal. I could not believe I am witnessing such a beautiful place with such beautiful views. Mount Eden was out first stop of the day. Mount Eden is one of the most beautiful and stunning places in Auckland. I don’t think I can express in words how beautiful this place was. This place was covered with green grass, making it look like heaven. The cold wind and such views make you feel super refreshed. We just sat there for some time and felt the calm and peace which is difficult we all look for.

After this, we went to the Auckland Zoo; being an animal lover, I don’t miss places where I can see the animals and their fun and cute activities. There were native animals and birds of New Zealand, which I had never seen before. After spending some time at the zoo, we went to the world-famous ‘Auckland war memorial museum.’ This museum narrates the complete story of Auckland. This was a must-visit landmark of Auckland, and we got too many facts about Auckland. Then we proceeded to our last stop for the day, ‘Auckland art gallery Toi o Tamaki.’ If you are interested in artwork, then don’t miss out on this one. This place was all about the most ancient and oldest piece of art. From here, we got back to our hotel, and this was the end of day two.

Today was the last day of the trip, so I decided to do something fun, so I decided to go to the viaduct harbor. As it was a sunny day, this was the perfect day to visit the harbor. On rainy days it becomes a bit messy to see this place. Viaduct Harbor is known for having the best bars and restaurants in Auckland. Along with enjoying some drinks and food, I explored this harbor and enjoyed doing it a lot. It was now time to go back home, and I was already feeling very heavy-hearted as I wanted to stay here for long. But I could not run away from the truth and finally board for my flight back home. And it was an end to the best trip of my life.

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