Gift ideas for Women’s Day

Women’s Day was established in 1910, on March 8th and the mail goal was to highlight the respect for women who were fighting for gender equality. In Poland for example – it is celebrated since 1993. On this day, women can count on flowers and small gifts.

But in every country there are different traditions. For example, in Italy, women are endowed with silver wattle, in Russia, in addition women can expect the chocolate bar.

In Portugal and Romania in this day there are organized parties exclusively for women.

In Poland, the International Women’s Day was very popular during the communist era. The most frequently purchased flowers were carnations and tulips.

8th March is the holiday iof mothers, wives, daughters, girlfriends, grandmothers, aunts, etc.

It is the holiday of every woman.

And  once few years ago it was enough to buy a flower, chocolate bar or tights, today it is not so easy with the gift, especially when it comes to the beloved woman. Mens have to do some effort to make the woman feel special in her day.

Of course necklaces, chains with pendants, bracelets, earrings and rings are always warm welcomed 🙂

Silver, gold, diamond, zircon or other crystals. You can choose every kind under the sun. You only need to know the taste of your beloved one. A good solution is also buying underwear – and it can be a gift for both of you 🙂

It’s worth making any effort to be sure that exactly in that day woman will feel really special and know that she is the VIP and her partner has eyes only for her.

It’s true that she should be complimented everyday but when her partner is not so hail-fellow-well-met, he should exactly  take advantage of this opportunity and tell her few kind words.

Dinner also belongs to the proven gifts, but the man should know if his beloved woman would like to be invited to the sophisticated restaurant or romantic dinner at home.

This seemingly trite gift is very much appreciated by the fair sex. It is finally an opportunity to be together, focus on yourself and celebrate your love. If you decide on a home-restaurant, you might also think about home spa 🙂

Dim light in the bathroom, candlelight, the scent of essential oils, bath tub full of foam, rose petals and a glass of champagne will be the extraordinary culmination of the day.

However, if the gift has to be original, unique and so surprising that a woman will run out of words (which is part of the miracle zone issues) you can be put on a balloon flight, flying in the wind tunnel or the original course. Very interesting and intriguing option is to give a loved one star from the sky. Are you curious about that idea?

Well, you can buy a star or a planet, that you can give any name you want. Thus, it may be a name, nickname or sweet words, that the man calls the woman, but also your names, special date in your life, etc. The only limitation is only a fantasy of a buyer. Acquiring star, you will receive from the Kingdom of Universe all the documents that will be confirmation for owning a piece of the Universe. This is really original, isn’t it?

As you can see there are many ideas how to celebrate Women’s Day, ranging from the traditional through the personalized and also unconventional.

It all depends on what a woman is interested in and what are her expectations from her partner. Regardless of the gift, that you will give her, remember that the most important thing is your memory of her holiday.


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