Guatemala Tourist Destinations For Exciting Holiday Trip

Guatemala is an interesting place to visit in Central America. Guatemala tourist destinations provide a unique experience to its visitors making it an ideal place for a perfect holiday.

Guatemala with its diverse history and the natural beauty has become an interesting place to visit in Central America. It has a rich and distinctive culture from the long mix of elements from Spain and native Maya people. It features interesting artificial, historic and natural tourist destinations. These Guatemala tourist destinations have a major role in stimulating the tourism sector of the country. 

Throughout Guatemala the ancient Mayans erected some of their greatest cities. Tikal and El Mirador are the greatest pre-Columbian cities built anywhere in Americas. They are situated in wild northern Guatemala Peten region. The bulk of tour to these sites can be arranged from the city of Flores. The Pacaya volcano is one of the most climbed volcanoes in Guatemala. It has an altitude of 8371 feet and is active since 1965. Found near Lake Atitlan, people can hike the volcano by themselves but for safety reasons it is always better to use a guide. Lake Atitlan is surrounded by volcanoes and found at an elevation of over 5000 feet above sea level. Among the Panajachel hotels and city’s fine eateries, the traveler will find it all at Lake Atitlan. These Guatemala tourist destinations have become hot spots for those who are looking for some adventure.

Ixchel Museum of Mayan Costumes found at the city of Guatemala features a large collection of clothes and textiles of early communities in the country during the 19th century. Here visitors can also find different paintings at the site. The Popol Vuh Museum is another interesting museum where you will find a significant Mayan art collection. The Mayan Sarcophagus is one of the attractions in the museum. Those who like to know about the historical aspect can visit such Guatemala tourist destinations. 

The Captain General’s Palace in Antigua is the most interesting buildings in the place. It features stone columns. It used to be the center of Spanish Colonial Government. Now the palace has a museum and some parts have been converted to government buildings. Casa Popenoe in Antigua is a colonial house constructed during the 17th century, furnished with a colonial kitchen, period antiques and laundry, and bath areas.

Many tourists visit Fuentes Georginas in The Western Highlands because of its sulfurous water. The tourist should go in a tropical jungle to reach the hot springs. Sempuc Champey forms from Cahabon River, these natural pools are located in the forest and adjacent to a limestone cave and many tourists come here for swimming and boating.

Many traditional Guatemala foods are based on Mayan Cuisine. Its key ingredients are corn, chilies and beans. Guatemala breakfasts consists of assortment of eggs, torillas, beans and plantains with world class Guatemalan coffee, it may also include tropical fruits like bananas, avocado, mangoes and papayas. Guatemalan meals consist of caldos (meat stews), sopas (soup), nachos, tamales and enchiladas. Guatemala tourist destinations provide a huge array of cuisines, which are still unknown when it comes to contemporary world cuisines.

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