Haiti Tourist Destinations For Joyful Holiday Trip

Haiti is a Caribbean country with rich culture and charming atmosphere. Haiti tourist destinations are beautiful and diverse in their very nature.

Haiti is a Caribbean country which reveals a rich culture that is unique among post-colonial nations. It is one of the major nations in Latin America. Tourists and nature lovers undertake trips to various tourist destinations in Haiti to feel the charming atmosphere of the place. It is better to have a guide or interpreter in order to enjoy dining locally, riding on a tap-tap, or strolling through one of the insanely crowded outdoor markets. Haiti tourist destinations provide a unique experience to its visitors.

Cap-Haitien is one of the popular Haiti tourist destinations which is located in the northern part of the country and is popular for its scenic beauty and diverse culture. This city was established during the French rule and is highly influenced by the French influence. The city is the capital of the Nord department of the country.

Petionville, a quite popular neighborhood in Port-au-Prince is located in the country’s capital city. Here you can take few hours off dining in restaurants, or shopping. Here you will find a lot of the modern conveniences making it easy for you to visit places of your interests.

Citadelle Laferriere is a historic site in Haiti and is also a major landmark in the country. It is an UNESCO World Heritage Site. Citadelle Laferriere is an old fortress built on a large mountaintop in the northern reaches of the country. Por-au-Prince is the capital city of Haiti, it is a popular center for tourism and business, and is also a cultural hot spot. Atahis city is located at the backdrop of the Gulf of La Gonave. Hinche is an idyllic town located amidst the central plateau and is known for its scenic surroundings. The beaches in this area are very beautiful and offer great scope for recreation. These Haiti tourist destinations are the most visited tourist destinations.

Haitian cuisine is influenced by French, Spanish, African and the native Taino Cuisine techniques. Some of the important Haitian dishes are; guinea hen, dried turkey, fried island pork, black mushrooms with rice, lobster, peas and rice, herbs and sauce of onions, island bananas and pork chops, mango pie, and ice cream made up of coconut. Fresco is a favorite dessert, which is sold locally by the street vendor. It is very sweet fruit syrup, moderately thick. Akasant is a thick milkshake made from corn. Those who are looking for a completely different experience should visit Haiti tourist destinations.

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