Holidays in Switzerland – A spectacular Swiss treat

This small Swiss country is known for its chocolates, banks, army knives, Alps, watches, farms and amazing villages. With the rich tourism, a trip to Switzerland is a perfect way to enjoy your holiday in Swiss way.

Situated in Western Europe, Switzerland is a federal republic and a multilingual country with four national languages (Italian, German, Romansh and French) and 26 states (also called cantons). One of the wealthiest countries across the world, this nation has been host to organizations like WTO and Red Cross and more.

Following are some of the places to visit when holidaying in Switzerland:

Fraumünster Church

Established in 853 in Zurich, this tourist attraction is rich with architectural features and has huge elaborate organ, Romanesque choir and a striking as well as picturesque built. The major draw of the church that has been pulling tourist and visitors in massive form is the glass windows beautiful stained. The marvelous windows were designed and planned in 1970 by Marc Chagall.

Rhine Falls

One of the dynamic and largest waterfalls of Europe, Rhine Falls is situated in Zurich and due to its natural beauty. The fall has a hill top over it, which holds various shops, restaurant and a medieval castle. When on a holiday in Switzerland, visiting this tourist attraction offers a breathtaking view and spectacular enigma to power of natural beauty. If you re on a holiday in Switzerland during the august, you can also witness superb fireworks presentation hosted by the Rhine falls for celebration of independence of the Swiss land.

Château de Chillon

Château de Chillon is a wonderful medieval castle built in 13th century and is a famous tourist attraction of this Swiss land. The castle has a lakeside location to it and was aimed to manage the area between the lake and mountains for the protection of north-south route. Every year a large number of tourist and visitors come to this castle for its magnificent structure, history and picturesque beauty. Some of the attractions that pull tourist on holiday in Switzerland to this castle are the dungeons, secret passages, courtyard, towers, luxurious chambers, grand knight’s halls, furniture, paintings, huge rooms and frescoed chapel.

Lake Geneva (Lac Léman)

Lake Geneva is spread across both France and Switzerland is biggest lake of central Europe. The lake region of Swiss land is rich with attractions like ski resorts, cathedrals, castle, wine-growing villages, boat cruises and amazing lake view resorts.


Bern is an ancient city of Europe and is also a part of UNESCO’s world heritage site. This Swiss land has attractions like ornate fountains, astronomical clock, old building and cobbled medieval streets. Bern is also thronged with tourist and visitors as it is also capital to this Swiss land.

Best time to visit or holiday in Switzerland

When holidaying in Switzerland for outdoor activities like capturing major Swiss attractions and architectural tour, the best or the ideal time to visit is the summer months from June-September. While for those who wish to visit this Swiss land mainly for its ski activities, the best time is the November to march.

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