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Israel is a beautiful country located in the Mediterranean Sea. Israel tourist destinations with their diverse nature and history attract many tourists every year.

Israel is a fascinating country which is located on the eastern Mediterranean Sea. It is also a pilgrimage spot for Muslims, Jews and Christians. Israel has a variety of landscapes, people, climates and history. Israel tourist destinations provide a huge variety of pilgrimage to tourists.

Jerusalem is the capital of Israel, also known as the city of the Bible. Jerusalem is sacred place for three religions; Judaism, Islam and Christianity. The Western Wall (The Kotel) is a sacred site for the Jews. In order to walk in the footsteps of Jesus many Christians visit Jerusalem. Dome of the Rock is a Muslim holy site. Jerusalem is also home to Yad Va-Shem which is an official memorial to the Jewish victims of the Holocaust. Jerusalem is in fact one of the major Israel tourist destinations.

Tel Aviv located in the Mediterranean coast is the second largest city in Israel. Ben Gurion International Airport of Tel Aviv is the largest international airport of Israel. Some popular places of attractions in Tel Aviv are; Rabin Square, Beit Ha Tefutsot, Yarkon Park, Old Jaffa, Tel Aviv Museum of Art, King Albert Square, Central Bus Station and many more. Tel Aviv is also famous for shopping.

Nazareth located in north of Israel is a beautiful city. It is also known as the home of Joseph and Mary. Muslims and Christians live here in harmony. Some important places to visit in Nazareth are; El Mas-Jad El Abiad, Greek Orthodox Church of Annunciation, El-Babour, and St. Joseph’s Church. 

Dead Sea offers various baths, spas and hot springs which attracts many tourists every year. Some popular ones are; Mineral Beach, Neve Midbar, Ein Bokek, Ein Gedi Spa and whirl pool of Khamam Tse’elim. Eilat is the Red Sea beach with fancy night life and high quality hotels. In its local coral reef tourists can enjoy scuba-diving and snorkeling. Elite Mountains are high granite mountains which are red in color and are a favorite place for hikers. These Israel tourist destinations are meant for those who are either looking for some adventure or just want to relax on the beaches.

Israeli cuisine has adopted different styles of Jewish cuisines. Traditional dishes are basically kept kosher. In fact the cooking methods and culinary traditions of Israel span more than three thousand years of history. Some of the important cuisines of Israel are; Blintzes (thin and flat pancake rolled around with filling), Cholent (stew of beans, barley, beef and potatoes), Gefilte Fish (fish balls made of finely minced carp and pike, served in their own jelly) and Kishke (peppery bread crumbs, chicken fat and onions prepared like a sausage).

Therefore it is a known fact that Israel tourist destinations attract people from different sects and religions from the different parts of the world.

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