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    Betron DC950 Earbuds Wired in Ear Headphones Noise Isolating Earphone Tips Balanced Bass Driven Black

    Earphones $15.39

    Premium Audio: The DC950 has a bass that goes deeper than deep and crisp clean trebles that hit higher than you would expect from a set of headphones at this price point; In fact, they outperform their price range with a premium listening experience
    Noise Isolation: The headphones eliminate outside noise to keep your music crystal clear. They also allow you to listen to your tracks at much lower and safer volumes; The DC950 includes 3 sets of black earbud gels which are small, medium and large sizes, for the perfect fit
    Tangle Resistant: Featuring an innovative antitangle design, the Y shaped cord of these headphones has been carefully crafted to remain smooth and hasslefree; allowing you to go about your day without wasting time untangling wires

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