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Islamabad is a cosmopolitan city, which is serving as the capital of Pakistan since 1963. Very well planned and organized, this metropolis is the center of political, economical and social activities in Pakistan. Islamabad is the centre of attraction in the country, due to its scenic beauty and peaceful atmosphere.

Islamabad is regarded as one of the most former sites of human settlement in Asian territory. Culture and traditions are deep rooted in Islamabad’s heart. Traditions and modernization goes hand in hand in this metropolis. People from across the world travel to Pakistan because of the legion number of options that they get here to keep themselves engaged throughout their junket. Places like Shah Faisal Mosque, Margalla Hills, Rawal Lake, Islamabad Zoo, National Art Gallery, Museum of Pakistan, Shakar Parrian, welcomes many foreign and local visitors every day.

Fauna of this metropolis is what you should not miss to experience during your Islamabad trip. Rare type of leopard, birds and deer can be seen here in the national parks, which work on preserving the secernate animals. Many flight services providers are facilitating their customers with air tickets to Islamabad, if, you want to explore this city in your coming holidays then book you flight tickets soon.  Getting adventurous is something you would love here in Islamabad. Many places are here which give an opportunity to interested visitors to try their hand out in shooting, golfing, karting and horse riding.

Because the city was very well planned and organized, a lot of attention is given to keeping it green. That is why more and more parks and gardens are dotted in the city to give Islamabad a serene environment. Whereas, hospitality services that visitants get to cherish here are world class and royal. Accommodation facility is not a matter of concern because many five star hotels, guest houses and budget – in hotels are available in Islamabad, which one can select as per his taste and wallet size. This charismatic city is a perfect place to spend some quality time while holding hand of the ancient cultures and rich traditions altogether, if you are looking for one such break, then no other city can fulfill your desire like Islamabad.

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