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Tokyo is the capital of Japan and the most populated urban area in the world. This huge, wealthy and fascinating metropolis brings high-tech visions of the future side by side with glimpses of old Japan and has something for everyone.

The bustling capital city of Japan, Tokyo is a wonderful destination with a blend of ultramodern and traditional cultures. Known for its temples, festivals and its rich cultural heritage, the city has been a favorite spot for travelers and tourists from the past few decades. The magical aura and the impeccable beauty will make you fall in love with this amazing city. Skyscrapers, shopping malls, lip smacking dishes and the vibrant ambiance are the few things that will captivate your eyes. While you are planning to take a visit to this beautiful place, here is a checklist that will help you in making best of your trip and enjoy it thoroughly.

  1. Meiji Shrine: Dedicated to the deified spirits of the Emperor Meiji and his wife, this shrine in Shibuya, Tokyo is one of the most famous temples of the nation. The serene and austere atmosphere of this place will give you a relieved feeling and leave you spellbound. Surrounded with forests, the temple combines Japanese architecture and nature’s charm.
  2. Odaiba: Odaiba is a large artificial island in the Tokyo Bay which is another stunning spot in the city. Established as a seaport in the 20th century, the place now serves as a major entertainment and sightseeing. The waterfronts and the dramatic lights make it a popular place among the foreign tourists too.
  3. Tokyo Tower: The pride of the city, Tokyo Tower is a tall tower, which is influenced by the Eiffel Tower of the Paris and make a great spot to get a panoramic view of the whole city. The best part about this structure is that it is open every day and can be reached easily too. Do not miss to watch it while being here.
  4. Yoyogi Park: What can be a better way of exploring a city than visiting its parks? Located near the Meiji Shrine, this park is not only a medium of going into the nature’s lap, but is also a unique method of knowing about the latest fashion trends of this city. You might find it strange, but it is actually true. Visit soon to know more about it.
  5. Tokyo Disneyland: Last but not the least, we have added Disneyland to the list because a visit to Tokyo would be incomplete without going here. No matter how old you are, the fun you get here cannot be compared to anything else. Spread in an area of 115-acre land, this amusement park is a must visit in order to get a clear picture of the essence of the culture and also to make magical memories.

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