Malta Tourist Destinations For Blissful Holiday Trip

Malta is a Southern European country and is known to be a developing economy. The glorious history and beautiful tourist attractions make Malta tourist destinations favorite among visitors.

Malta is a Southern European country covering just over 300 square kilometers of land area. It is a developing economy and its tourism industry is considered as one of the major industries which stimulate the economic growth of Malta. Malta has a glorified history and is home to many beaches, splendid castles and ornamented churches. Malta tourist destinations attract many visitors from different aspects of lives.

Valletta is a 16th century town and is the capital of Malta. This town was built by the Knights of St. John. The city developed around the streets called Old Bakery Street, Republic Street and Merchants. National Museum of Archaeology is situated along the Republic Street in Valletta. It shows the artifacts like altars, antique pottery and terracotta from Neolithic sacred sites. At Tarxien Sculpture Room you will find statues and religious antiques. St. John’s Co Cathedral is a beautiful church which was built from 1673 to 1677. Sacristy, loggia Annexs and Oratory are other interesting spots. Many visitors visit Malta tourist destinations to know their glorious historical pasts and magnificent architecture.

Sliema is a place which portrays the cosmopolitan culture of Malta. This city is always bustling and hustling with its shops, cafes, bars, clubs, hotels, restaurants, discos and cinemas. Sliema is in fact one of the major Malta tourist destinations.

Mdina is located on a high plateau which is situated atop the whole island. This city is rich in its history and has collection of artifacts, old weapons and famous sculptures of medieval period. Hypogeum of Hal Saflieni is a UNESCO World Heritage Site which was constructed in 1902. It is the main tourist attraction in Paola. It is home to many stone tools and catacombs which are well preserved and maintained. Rabat is a city which has many fine sculptures of the churches. It has famous sites like Roman Villa, St. Paul’s and St. Agatha’s catacombs. Other places of interest in Rabat are the Dingli Cliffs, Verdala Castle overlooking Buskett Gardens and Chadwick Lake. “Auberge de Castile et Leon” at Auberges promotes Maltese Baroque architecture. This castle was built during 1741 to 1773 and features paired columns and old cannon.

Maltese cuisine shows Sicilian, Spanish, English, Maghrebin and Provencal cuisines. The cuisines of Malta are rich in vegetables, fresh fruits and a lot of fish. Rabbit meat and local cheese made of sheep or goat milk is very popular here. Maltese bread is also worth trying. Desserts such as Cannoli, Lampuki Pie, Bragioli and Rabbit Stew are typical here. Whenever visiting Malta tourist destinations, one should always look for local cuisines because the food is real good here.

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