Many tourists flight to Porto-Novo to experience the richness of Africa

Porto-Novo is the authorized capital of the West African state of Benin and it was also considered as the principal state of French Dahomey. The people from all over

Porto-Novo is the authorized capital of the West African state of Benin and it was also considered as the principal state of French Dahomey. The people from all over the world love to flight to Porto Novo to taste the richness of Africa. Porto Novo is the second largest city of Benin and it has many cultural and tourist attractions like the Brazilian-style church which is a mosque now, the Institute of Higher Studies in Benin, the Stade Municipal and the Stade Charles De Gaulle. The Palace of the Governors, King Toffa’s Palace which is also recognized by the name of Musee Honme are the best symbols for representing the African Royal’s lifestyles. The tourists are also very keen to visit the large plaza where the sculpture of the foremost king of Porto Novo was placed. There are many guides in Porto Novo who point out to the most famous place of Porto Novo named as Abomey which was a royal palace initially and then later became the museum to conserve the glorious art that was designed and built centuries ago. The top ranked hotels in Porto Novo include Hotel Ayelawadje-2, Hotel Dona and Hotel Beaurivage, etc.

The economy of Porto Novo mainly runs by exporting its chief products including palm oil, cotton and kapok, Petroleum and Cement products to the other countries of the world. The tourism and the telecommunication Industry also contribute a lot in making its economy stronger. Many airlines are starts offering cheap flight to Porto Novo in order to facilitate the traders and to capture the customers heavily. The tourist book their flight to Porto Novo from London and from different courtiers around the world to enjoy their holidays by visiting the attractive landmarks of Porto Novo.The competition is very tough in the International Airline Industry where the Airlines introduce different promotional packages day by day. In order to remain competitive in the Airline Industry, many Airlines who were not offered the cheap flights to Porto Novo are now considering to offer the lowest fare flights to Porto Novo to its travelers. The Air lines offer special discounts to those travelers who booked their flights to Porto Novo in advance means one month and one week before and these discount packages vary as per the changes in the booking period.

The customer satisfaction level increases with great pace with the Airlines who offer cheap flight to Porto Novo with the relaxing and peaceful environment. The customers once experienced the good service while traveling definitely pass on the comments to their relatives or friends and through this word of mouth marketing, the sales of the Airlines increases dramatically. So, the Airlines while doing the verbal marketing, it is also very necessary to provide high quality service to their travelers in order to satisfy them fully. Many Airlines offer different travel packages that includes flight to Porto Novo with Hotel booking in advance in order to save their precious time and for their easiness. The richness and attractive culture of Africa attracts many tourists to book their flights to Porto Novo from London and from different countries around the globe for spending their vacations and enjoy their holidays while experiencing the Royal family culture of Porto Novo.

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