Namibia Tourist Destinations For Pleasurable Holiday Trip

Namibia is a country in Southern Africa with beautiful landscapes, wildlife and sand dunes. Namibia tourist destinations can be delightful experience for the travelers.

Namibia is a country in Southern Africa which is one of the world’s most scarcely populated countries. It is spectacular country with beautiful landscapes, sand dunes and wildlife. You can also choose from the huge variety of lodge trips and safaris which are organized by many tour operators. Namibia tourist destinations are full of varieties of enchanting attractions.

Windhoek is the capital of Namibia and also its largest city. It is also known as the “cleanest city in Africa”. Some of its popular places are; the Gibeon Meteorite Fountain, Namibia National Art Gallery, Namibia Craft Centre and National Botanical Garden. The Zoo Park is home to many wild animals and those who like wildlife can visit here. Windhoek is considered as one of the major Namibia tourist destinations.

Namib Desert is considered to be one of the oldest deserts in the world. Sossusvlei is basically an enormous clay pan which is surrounded by gigantic red sand dunes. Tsauchab River flows through this desert. The color of sand dunes changes with sunrise and sunset which is the reason why many tourists come here. In Namib Desert there is this ghost town called Kolmanskop, which was home to Germans who settled here for the purpose of mining gold. This town included school, casino, ballroom, hospital as well as first tram in Africa. It was ultimately evacuated in 1954. Namib Desert is definitely one of the important Namibia tourist destinations.

On the coast of north western Namibia there is this small seaside town known as Swakopmund. It is a premier holiday resort known for its pubs, discos, night clubs and excellent restaurants. The Fish River Canyon is a magnificent and breathtaking canyon in southern Namibia. It has a gigantic ravine, 160 kilometers long, 27 kilometers wide and 550 meters deep. Since it is being dammed, it only contains small amount of running water.

You can also visit Skeleton Coast Park which is full of mystery, covered by dense coastal fogs and has many shipwrecks. Some of the interesting places to visit here are; the salt pans near Agate Mountain, Clay castles of Hoarusib, remains of shipwrecks along the coast and the seal colony at Cape Frio. Namibia tourist destinations should be visited by those travelers who want to experience the contrast of places in Namibia.

Namibian cuisine is varied and interesting. Some of the popular cuisines of Namibia are; chicken potjie (stew cooked in a large three legged pot over coals), rauchfleish (smoked meat), Biltong (air-dried meat), potjiekos (one-pot bush stew), seafood (mainly oysters) and game comprising of antelope, zebra or ostrich cooked on braai.

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