Norway Road Trip Bucket List

The extravagant country of the northern Europe, Norway have always been a freezing destination that will stun you with its white beauty and a tranquilizing culture that remains awake half of the year and goes out cold in the rest of the time. Featuring the northernmost cities of the world, a spellbinding view of Aurora Borealis and an astounding lifestyle that will leave you speechless, Norway makes an ideal place to be especially during the summers.

Traveling by road is an impeccable experience and to those who know to drive and willing to wheel away to the scenic places in a destination, road trips are truly an addiction. In USA itself, there are plenty of road trips that are thriving enough to engage a voyage and if you think you need something a bit more, then you can easily fly your way to the Norway and witness some of the most enchanting places that are nestled in the scenic landscapes of the Scandinavian region. Norway is widely visited by the tourists from around the globe and with its remarkable diversity, road trips can become even more delightful and adventurous. So, if you think you need something a bit more scenic as well as adventurous, here is the Norway road trip bucket list that can surely make your journey across the Norway a marvelous experience:

  1. Aurlandsfjellet

During your trip across the Norway, the most scenic place you can come across for the delightful natural terrains is the Aurlandsfjellet. A remarkably wonderful stretch of the road that span across the mountain area of the northern Norway and offer the most delightful driving experience from the middle of the thick walls of snow that are standing on the both sides and can go as high as 30 feet. The captivating view of the straight, clean and picturesque roads is really outstanding and can give you the feeling of being in a whole another world with loads of freshness and bewitching natural beauty. The long stretch of the road that can go as long as 30 miles in total is easily accessible during the summers and springs when the passages are clean and open for tourists.

2. Urnes Stave Church

The Norwegian fjords are known to be the home of many outstanding and spectacular landscapes, tucked away from the cityscapes and offer a refreshing experience. The bewitching sight of Urnes Stave Church near the Lustra Fjord is among the most picturesque sites of the entire nation and is featured with a UNESCO World Heritage Site which is really outstanding to explore. The Urnes Stave Church is a medieval wooden church tucked away from the bustling streets of Norway and is featured with many spellbinding natural terrains in the surrounding. With the snowcapped mountains in the backdrop and scenic fjord in the front, this place is utterly soothing and enjoyable for road trippers.

3. Norwegian fjords

Driving across the Norwegian Fjords are the most extravagant experiences for the nature lovers as the entire surroundings of this massive fjord is filled with ample of natural beauty and spectacular landscapes covering a major landmass of the Norway. Hop-off from your car and go with a ferry ride which is among the most spellbinding experiences in the entire region. The spectacular sight of icy fjord waters in the Norwegian fjords is really incredible and can make you feel rich in terms of luck and give you so many great memories to treasure that you will fall in love with the place instantly.

4. Roros Mining Town

Many people think Norway as a snowy terrain and featured with loads of natural landscapes, however there are plenty of UNESCO World Heritage sites and if you need a massive place during your road trip, you can surely take a stop at Roros Mining Town. A captivating small town that is furnished with ample of old architectures established in the 17th century. Once used to be a massive digger of copper metal, now this area is filled with wooden structures, narrow streets and many more structures that are fragile and considered valuable to the nation. Spend some quality time strolling around the narrow alleys of this place and you can easily enjoy the stunning view of the surroundings with clear skies and magnificent backdrops with loads of natural bliss.

5. Latefossen Waterfalls

The entire Norway is the home of many spellbinding landscapes and among them all, the Latefossen Waterfall has got a steep success in past a few years. A combination of massive wilderness, sparse jungles and a bewitching sight of waterfall, this place is a true treat by the nature. On your road trip, you can easily access this place and have a camping experience at the banks of the falls whilst enjoying the refreshing delight of the surrounding and treating yourself with loads of natural bliss. Located a few hours of drive away from the small municipal of Skare, this picturesque group of landscapes is a must visit to have some adventure and quality fun during a road trip across the Norway.

The road trips are extremely popular across the Norway and feature plenty of expeditions that can give you the most scenic and incredible experiences to treasure for the rest of your life. The pristine terrains of Norway are the biggest highlight for the tourists and if you love to witness the most of it, then you can easily go for a road trip to this remarkable nation. Though, it is highly advised to check for the weather conditions and obstructions or diversion of the roads before you book your flights to Norway for a better experience and pack your stuff according to the conditions and your plans. Once you are done with all of it, just fly your way to the Norway and rent a car to witness the glorious terrains of this Scandinavian nation.

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