Qatar Tourist Destinations for Exciting Holiday Tour

Qatar is a Middle Eastern country which is known for its sand dunes, impressive landscapes, historic forts and modern luxurious hotels. Qatar tourist destinations have so much to offer that people who visit Qatar won’t be disappointed at all.

Qatar is a Middle Eastern country with Doha being its capital. It is home to many modern luxurious hotels, historic forts, sand dunes and impressive seascapes. Qatar is emerging as a major Middle Eastern destination. Qatar tourist destinations give an insight to the historical background as well as its culture.

The Kingdom of Aladdin is situated on the West Bay area. This place is basically an entertainment area which has more than 18 play features suiting all age groups. This tourist spot has an artificial lagoon, rest house, cafeteria and a theatre. Doha is the capital of Qatar which is an important cultural and commercial center with many state-of-art seaports, telephone links and airports. Doha is one of the major Qatar tourist destinations.

The Zoo is 20 kilometers outside Doha. It is home to many varieties of birds, reptiles and animals. It also has a mini-amusement park for children. Al Rumaila Park is situated in Doha Corniche. It has restaurants, shopping facilities and rides for children. Khor Al Udaid Beach is famous for its sand dunes with height of 40 meters in some specific locations. Al Jassasiya is a range of rocky hills famous for their pre-historic stone carvings. Qatar tourist destinations provide a wonderful opportunity to families to come and spend some quality time. 

You can also go for a Desert Safari, where you can witness sand dunes with height of 60 meters. Oryx is the national animal of Qatar and you can see it at Oryx Farm. This farm is located at Shahaniya. Those who like water sports and cruises can enjoy windsurfing and sailing. With so many natural wonders Qatar tourist destinations attract many tourists who like to spend time enjoying the nature. 

Doha City Center is the largest shopping complex in the Middle East. Here you will get world-class brands and can also enjoy ice skating rinks with two bowling alleys. Doha City Center is one of the important Qatar tourist destinations. Corniche is a beautiful coastline which is ideal for jogging, stroll and walking. Many families visit this place for picnic. Dahl El-Hamam Public Park is located in Khalifa Al-Shamalia. This public park has a large space for leisure walking, children’s playground and several grassy yards.

Many types of seafood and fish are available in Qatar, such as lobster, shrimp, crab, tuna and red snapper. As a result of which several seafood dishes are popular. The favorite food in Qatar is the traditional lamb or mutton meat accompanied by milk from goat or cows which is made in yogurt. Breakfast in Qatar is light and includes olives, yoghurt and cheese. Lunch is quite heavy which starts from appetizers but ends with the delicacies like lamb or fish stew, cooked vegetables and salads. Dinner consists of light snacks.

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