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Sicily, the largest island in the Mediterranean Sea, is a self-governing region of Italy. It is famous for its amazing scenic beauty which attracts a lot of visitors worldwide …

Sicily, the biggest island in the Mediterranean Sea, is a independent region of Italy. It is popular for its awesome scenic beauty which attracts many visitors worldwide. This beautiful countryside scenery is elegantly seen on the tip of Italy’s toe and as it is bordered by water on all the sides makes it look more gorgeous which greatly contents the tourists and the visitors. It is a land of unique art, culture, cuisine, customs and architecture. It has freshness all around and gives a look of a countryside rural area that has considerably attracted a lot of tourists. Sicily is liked and respected for its natural splendour. Sicily is not only originally beautiful but even has historic archeology and olden monuments, temples and forts that increases its beauty. If you are preparing your vacations at Sicily, it’s the best idea. Because of its geographic position it has a Mediterranean atmosphere where the summers are warm, hot and dry, winters are warm and wet as this region gets rainfall during winters. Sicily is usually a vivid land getting a lot of sunshine almost throughout the year. This island has fresh and lively sunny days and at sunset Sicily looks amazingly beautiful as the sun sets behind the delightful mountains. This scenery is most pleasurable on the shinny beaches of Sicily, La Spiagga is a popular beach where tourists like the joyful day time and the heavenly evening sunset. Sicily is well-known for its customs and culture which can evidently depicted through the cuisine, arts and architecture and the language that the locales of Sicily speak. This island is specially noticed for its cuisines and wines and hence famously known God’s Kitchen. The food variety is rich and conventional and quiet affordable too, so you won’t find a problem in trying all types of food specialties cooked there. The cuisines of Sicily include a variety of dishes cooked by using fresh fruits and vegetables which are nutritious and are spiced with a topping of the old herbs and spices of Sicily, the flavor and the taste is splendid. These mouth-watering delicacies include a range of fresh vegetables like tomatoes, artichokes, olives, citrus, apricots, aubergines, onions, beans, raisins along with the freshly caught sea-food which include tuna fish, sea bream, cuttlefish, sea bass, swordfish, sardines etc…These are cooked by easy and traditional methods. Not only these, the sweet dishes like Cannoli, a variety of Doughnuts, Bucellato, Ciarduna, Pignoli, bruccellati, sesame seed cookie are also awesome, to attain the real rich taste of all these unique cuisines it is excellent to visit Sicily. They use a lot of cheese and a range of spices like saffron, nutmeg, cloves, pepper and cinnamon which add taste to their food. Parsley is used in mostly all the dishes. So all food lovers your wait is over, enjoy the conventional food at Sicily. Sicily is rich in arts which is revealed by its popular paintings, sculptures and a number of poets, musicians, philosophers who have left their identity from the Greek rule. People of Sicily are bilingual; they speak a unique language called the Romance Language which arises from Indo-European language family which comprises all the languages basically from Latin, an historic language from Rome. Sicily locales usually speak the habitual Romance Language. Its awesome artistic hotels give you a wonderful and comfortable stay. So enjoy your vacations at Sicily. Thus, experience the Garden of Mediterranean and observe Sicily’s pleasant and traditional way of living. You can land at any three airports of Sicily, the Catania-Fontanarossa Airport which is busiest of other two, Palermo International Airport which is bigger as compared to Trapani-Birgi Airport. Although the size of the airports hardly matter, as far as you reach Sicily and enjoy its true tradition and scenic beauty to its fullest.

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