Sudan Tourist Destinations for Mindboggling Holiday Tour

Sudan is one of the biggest country in Africa which is culturally and geographically diverse. Sudan tourist destinations have so much to offer that tourists will not be disappointed at all.

Sudan is one of the biggest country in Africa. It is a culturally and geographically diverse country. People of this country are extremely friendly to foreign tourists and often feel proud to show visitors their country and hospitality. Sudan tourist destinations make Sudan a dynamic country to visit.

Khartoum is the capital city of Sudan. With Khartoum North, the Old National Capital and Omdurman it forms one unit called the “three- towns-capital”. Some of the important tourist spots of Khartoum are St Matthew’s Catholic Church, Palace Museum, Ethnographical Museum, National Museum of Sudan, Botanical Gardens, The War Cemetery, Sayeda El Bushara Church, Mosques and many more. Some of the other attractions are the Arab Souk and Omdurman camel market. You can buy handicrafts which are sold in several shops. Khartoum is one of the major Sudan tourist destinations.

Meroe is an ancient city and one of the major Sudan tourist destinations. It is situated on the eastern side of the bank of the great Nile River. Meroe is dotted by two hundred pyramids which is the major source of attraction for the tourists. Jebel Marra is the highest peak in Darfur and is more than 3088 meters tall. It is home to beautiful waterfalls, volcanic lakes and pleasant climate. 

Red Sea is one of the important Sudan tourist destinations. It has crystal-clear water with variety of fish, coral reefs and marine gardens. Al Fasher is like an oasis in the middle of the desolate western portion of Sudan. You can visit the palace of Sultan to witness the architectural and rich cultural heritage of people living there. Dinder National Park covers an area of 6475 square kilometers. It is one of the largest in the world with many species of wild animals like antelope, bushbuck, leopard, kudu, giraffe and lion. It is also home to birds like crown crane, stork, kingfisher, guinea fowl and vulture. Malakal is a perfect getaway for worn-out and tired body. It is located in Upper Nile. Malakal has impressive structures and architectural brightness. Juba is a city which is full of natural beauty. You can visit Juba National University and drive along the only paved road of the city which was built by the British in 1950s.

Sudanese cuisine has a wide variety of stews paired with staple bread or porridge. Some common elements used in Sudanese cuisine are beef, tomatoes, sheep meat, wheat, and rice and sesame seeds. Some of the popular Sudanese dishes are; Sudanese pasta bake, khoodra mafrooka, basboosa, dama be potaatas, baseema and bishbosa.

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