Sweden Tourist Destinations for Mindboggling Holiday Tour

Sweden is a lightly populated European country with Stockholm being its capital. Sweden tourist destinations attract many visitors every year.

Sweden is a forested and lightly populated European country which is home to towering mountains, historical sites, islands and forests. Stockholm is the capital of Sweden. Sweden tourist destinations have numerous attractions which attract many tourists from all around the globe. 

Stockholm is a historic hub which is also the capital of Sweden. It is known for its historical buildings which are still in good condition. You can take a stroll on the streets of Vasterlanggatan and Osterlanggatan which have many boutiques, antique and handicrafts shops. Stockholm is one of the major Sweden tourist destinations.

Moderna Museet or the Museum of Modern Art is the national museum of Sweden. It has a collection of many modern and contemporary arts like the masterpieces of Picasso and Salvador Dali. Gotland is a Baltic island which is one of the most important Sweden tourist destinations. It is excellent for cycling since it has surprisingly pleasant and flat landscape. It is also home to one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites, the walled medieval Hanseatic town Visby.

Lake Siljan, situated at Dalarna is a nice place for picnicking and swimming. You can also visit the nearby Rattvik town which is popular for folk dancing. The bear park in Orsa is also worth the visit.

Lapland is a tundra-like landscape located in the far north in Sweden. You can enjoy fishing in Lapland and also enjoy hunting trips there. The province of Bohuslan is famous for its Tanum Rock Carvings. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. These rock carvings were created by the early residents 3000 years ago. These carvings depict images of ships, animals, circular objects, fertility figures and shallow bowls. Padjelanta National Park is the largest national park in Sweden. It is located at Norbotten County. It is also famous for Nordkalottruta and Padjelanta trails. Gota Canal is another place of interest in Sweden. It was established in early 19th century and is the most popular Swedish canal. The canal is 118 miles long. This canal is also famous for locks like the Karl Ludvig Eugens slussar and Carl Johans slussar.

Swedish food is nutritious, pure and tasty with fish being one of the main ingredients. Some of the popular dishes of Sweden are; meatballs, gravlax (buried salmon), reindeer meat, polsa (minced beef, liver, heart and onion), falukorv (sausage baked in oven with diameter of six centimeters), kaviar (paste of smoked, processed roe, tomato sauce, potatoes and sugar) and inlagd sill (pickled herring). Sweden tourist destinations provide its tourists with a huge variety of Swedish cuisines.

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