Syria Tourist Destinations for Amazing Holiday Tour

Syria is a Middle Eastern country with many cultural and historical cities. Syria tourist destinations due to their historical significance and importance are visited by many tourists from all over the world.

Syria is the Middle Eastern country with Damascus being its capital. Syria has many cities which have a great cultural and historical significance. Syria tourist destinations include number of places which make Syria still a historic country.

Damascus is the capital of Syrian Arab Republic and is also known to be the world’s oldest inhabited city. The Ummayyad Mosque describes the history of Damascus. The Al-Hamidiyah Bazaar and the Tikiyeh Mosque built in mid 16th century are important places to visit. Some other places of attractions are; the Sayyida Zainab and the Al Azem Palace built in 18th century. Damascus is one of the major Syria tourist destinations, famous among its travelers.

Krak des Chevaliers located near Homs is also known as the ‘Castle of the Knights’. It is basically known as the archetypal crusader castle, which is very admirable and is most well preserved. This site is 750 meters above sea level and is isolated. Aleppo, one of the UNESCO World Heritage Site is known for its Islamic Arab military architecture. It is known to be the industrial and commercial center of Syria. It has a market which is ten miles of low corridors with shops and many activities. The public baths known as hammams, which are well preserved, the archaeological museum, with fine artifacts are some of its major attractions.

Lattakia is a Syrian city which is known since the times of the Ancient Greeks is home to sandy beaches, diverse landscapes and green mountains. It is also a major commercial port of Syria. Located 37 kilometers away from Lattakia is the Saladin’s Castle. The major feature of this tourist spot is the ditch which was cut through a living rock, and is 28 meters deep. The covered area of the walls is about 24 square meters and the thickness of these walls is five meters.

Bosra is a World Heritage Site and is a significant archaeological site. This site has many ruins which dates back from the times of Romans, Byzantines and Muslims. Some of the major attractions of Bosra are; the well preserved Roman amphitheater and the Mosque of Omar which is also known as ‘the bridal mosque’. Bosra is one of the important Syria tourist destinations.

The Syrian cuisine is rich and healthy with different varieties to offer. Some of the popular dishes of Syria are; baba ghanouj (grilled eggplant, olive oil, garlic and lemon juice), falafel (small deep-fried patties made of highly-spiced ground chick-peas), kabab, kibbeh (national dish which is stuffed and can be made in different forms). Syria tourist destinations provide a huge variety of cuisines which can be a real delight for food lovers.

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