Flowers to Belarus

Belarus is a wonderful country sharing its border with Russia, Poland and Ukraine. The country has great forests, many lakes that have vast marshlands. Belarus is a marvelous place having its border with Russian federation, Poland plus Ukraine. The land has great jungles, numerous wetlands which have vast marshlands. The jungles offer shelter to a …

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Vacations in Grenada

Grenada consists of 3 amazing island destinations in the eastern corner of the Caribbean. Read more to find out about this incredible tropical paradise. Grenada is a beautiful island, full of exotic tropical flowers. Surrounded by amazing beaches, and attractive towns, this green island is actually an important source of various spices. The island has …

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The Flowers and natural resources of Kyrgyzstan

Kyrgyz Republic, otherwise popularly known as Kyrgyzstan is a land locked country in central Asia. Surrounded by Kazakhstan in north, China in south and Uzbekistan in the west the country is small and mountainous. Kyrgystan, even identified as Kyrgyz Republic is located in central Asia . Bordered by Kazakhstan in northern region, China in south …

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