Top 5 Best And Easiest Ways To Consume Matcha

As you might already know Matcha is pulverized green tea that has been used by ancient Chinese for centuries, but only now it has become popular. That is due to the fact, the citizens of the world have become more health-conscious within the last two decades.

The incredible health benefits of Matcha quickly earned it a place beside regular beverages. Matcha is a vibrant green and velvety powder that is produced by grinding the whole leaves. Since Matcha is consumed entirely, no nutrition is wasted or lost.

The green tea benefits have been passed from generation to generation however, the purest and the most high-quality Matcha has 137 more antioxidants than a regular green tea.

With amazing benefits of high energy, reduced blood pressure, and weight loss, Matcha can conveniently turn into an everyday-drink.

The conventional brewing method is considered to be the best method to consume Matcha. Though it requires boiling the Matcha leaves in scalding water until all the contents are dissolved, which can be a bit time-consuming.

Matcha can be taken into powdered form as well. The powdered method is richer with nutrients and is also more convenient. To make things even easier Matcha capsules have recently been introduced, where basically dried matcha powder is encapsulated in gelatinous capsules.

Matcha Tea Capsules Benefits are many because they enable you to get the most of the Matcha in the shortest possible time. 

Other than brewing Matcha or grinding it into powder or taking it in the form of capsules, there are many interesting ways to consume Matcha.

How To Get The Best Of Matcha?

In order to make a perfect cup of Matcha at home, you should buy yourself the Matcha of the finest quality. Because of the instant popularity of this tea, it can now be bought from any store or website that sells groceries, however, you should do a little research and be wary of the brands that sell it.

Your top priority should be to get fresh and organic Matcha and for that, you can place an order at and get the best quality matcha delivered at your doorstep.

  • Hot Matcha

Before making anything out of Matcha, make sure you are not directly dumping the matcha powder into hot water or milk. Because the Matcha powder gets aggregated over time inside the storage container, so first take a whisk and loosen the powder up.  After de-clumping the Matcha powder, take some cold water, and lightly mix the amount of Matcha you want to put in your tea. Once, the Matcha is completely dissolved into the water, add the Matcha solution in hot milk before gulping it all down. 

You can customize this drink as per your choice and convenience. However, If you are taking matcha for weight loss then make sure you don’t get carried away and start putting processed sugar and cream inside. As this will not only increase your calories, it will also ruin the fresh texture and taste of Matcha. 

  • Make Matcha Latte

To make a scrumptious Matcha latte, Make the usual paste with cold water at first. Now add lukewarm sweet milk such as almond milk. Now whisk them together until a gorgeous light green froth starts bubbling up. 

Your Matcha Latte is ready, now if you are a bit fancy you can sprinkle a pinch of matcha powder, and Voila!

  • Matcha Coconut Latte

This latte is only slightly different from the one we have just talked about, however, it is more interesting to make and it tastes even more delicious!

Add some maple syrup and honey to sweeten your milk before adding Matcha paste to it. Now add a few drops of coconut oil with a dash of vanilla extract and cinnamon. Whisk it all together and enjoy the tropical flavor of your latte!

  • Make Matcha Coffee 

First, prepare your matcha latte, then add a dash of espresso, and that is it!

You will be surprised to find how well the duo taste, it feels like having the best of both worlds.

  • Green Tea Matcha

This one is a bit different, but it is worth the effort. Start by mixing your Matcha paste with some cacao and vanilla bean or just a few drops of good quality vanilla extract. After you have made sure that your mixture is lump-free. Now add some hot water or milk and whisk them all before enjoying your cup of paradise!

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