Top five reasons to visit Hong Kong

Hong Kong likes to call itself “Asia’s World City”, helpful a powerful competition with Singapore and Tokyo to be Asia’s economic and tourist capital.

1. Buildings that Dance: Hong Kong buildings actually the skyscrapers which overlook lush green forests are the talk of the town. The buildings actually dance. Every day in evening at 8 PM, Hong-Kong skyscrapers actually come to life along the magical show. The light and sound plays alongwith. This looks like real-life version of Disney World’s Electric Light Parade. This is called “A Symphony of Lights” and was named the largest permanent light and sounds show by the Guinness Book of World Records. It includes 45 buildings on different sides of the harbor, which results in sparkling display the length of the waterfront every night.

2. Foodie’s Paradise: In Hong- Kong, the best chefs of the world are flocking and Hong Kong now is titled with a foodie’s paradise. You can feast on different cuisines day in and day out. The cuisines are from all across the world. This is one of the reasons amongst top five reasons to visit Hong Kong. Dim sum are easily found on almost every nook and corner in Hong Kong. This cuisine comes in many flavours both steamed and fried. It can be easily enjoyed from a food cart and even from a ne restaurant. Bon Apetit.

3. Shopping Fun: Shopping is reaaly fun in the amazing city of Hong Kong. This place is famous for duty free shopping and one of the top five reasons to visit Hong Kong. Need a better reason? Look no more. Enjoy Shopping in the city. Those who love to shop this place is a paradise in disguise. There are no import taxes or sales taxes on the items. Despite this there are wonderful bargains available in Hong Kong on great and amazing brands.

4. Small town: Unlike other bustling cities where there is no escape from the hustle-bustle of the city, Hongkong is different. Just take a 15 minute bus ride and voila you can enjoy limitless freedom from the crowds as you are welcome by the open and peaceful scenery. Just explore small towns and enjoy local dining. Pure bliss.

5. Historical City: Hong Kong hasn’t lost touch from its rich past. Still one can see fairs and festivals taking place all year round in Hong Kong. Autumn festival also known as the Moon festival celebrateds the moon Goddess of immortality. Here you may relese paper lanterns in the sky and enjoy it celebrating it like a Chinese native.

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