Trinidad and Tobago Tourist Destinations for Amazing Holiday Tour

Trinidad and Tobago are two islands which are known for their steel bands, carnival, calypso and limbo dancing. Trinidad and Tobago tourist destinations attract many tourists from different parts of the world.

Trinidad and Tobago is the blend of different cultures. It is known for its steel bands, carnival, calypso and limbo dancing. These two islands are in contrast with each other. Tobago is calm, sleepy with laid-back atmosphere whereas Trinidad is home to Port-of-Spain which is busy and sophisticated modern capital. Trinidad and Tobago tourist destinations present before the tourists a mix of eco-adventure, diverse culinary, diverse cultural aspect and endless scope of adventure.

Port of Spain is the capital of Trinidad and Tobago which is a bustling modern city. This city is home to large parks, cathedrals, Parliament and President’s Home. This city is the center of carnival activity as well as the political and business center of twin island nation. Port of Spain is one of the major Trinidad and Tobago tourist destinations. San Juan is a commercial center which is locally known as “Sawa”. It is home to the colorful farmers market which thrives before noon on Saturday.

Maracas Bay is the most beautiful beach in Trinidad. The scenery is fabulous with high waves. It features rest rooms, food stands and life guards. Las Cuevas is another beach which is also gorgeous like the Maracas Bay but comparatively it is less crowded. Some other beaches include; Toco and Balandra Bay, Mayaro Bay, Blanchisseuse, Saline Bay, Chaguaramas and Manzanilla. Trinidad and Tobago tourist destinations are ideal for those tourists who want to relax and spend leisure time.

Arnos Vale Waterwheel was constructed 100 years ago which is still in good condition. This waterwheel was an important part of local sugar factory. It is situated at northern side of Plymouth and includes souvenir shop, small museum, theatre, natural reserve and restaurant. 

The Independence Square has recently been renamed for cricket star Brian Lara as “Lara Promenade”. It is home to colonial architecture, rum shops, offices, seedy office buildings and downtown KFC.

Caroni Swamp is known for its Scarlet Ibis, which is a beautiful and colorful bird. These birds fly in huge red flocks from South America every night to nest. This swamp is also home to crocodiles, tree climbing frogs and other kinds of wildlife. San Fernando is the most significant Trini city. It has its own carnival celebrations with a bustling commercial center. Trinidad and Tobago tourist destinations will not disappoint nature lovers at all.

The cuisine of Trinidad and Tobago is a mix of Amerindian, Creole, Indian, African, Lebanese and Chinese dishes. Some of the popular dishes are; pelau, pigeon peas, phulouri, benne balls, blue food, buljol, coconut bake, callaloo, cou cou, oildown, pacro water, pastellas, souse, roti and many more.

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