Tunisia Tourist Destinations for Astounding Holiday Tour

Tunisia is a Maghreb country with many natural wonders and archaeological attractions. Tunisia tourist destinations are visited by many travelers from different countries.

Tunisia is a country which belongs to Maghreb Countries due to its geographical location. Tunis is the capital of Tunisia. It is also the most liberal Arab country. Tunisia has 3000 year old history and is home to many natural wonders and archaeological attractions. Tunisia tourist destinations attract many tourists every year.

Tunis is the capital of Tunisia as well as its largest city. It is a modern city with many banks, gardens, hotels, cafes, conference halls and chic boutiques. This city has many ancient mosques, trade centers and palaces. The Big Mosque and Old Palace of the Bey of Tunis are some important structures. The architectural wonders like the Dar El Haddad, Dar El Jeld, Dar Ben Abdullah, Dar Hussein and Dar Othman are now the homes of cultural centers, government offices and restaurants. You can buy antiques, herbs, T-shirts, spices, carpets, jewellery and pottery from souvenir shops along the small winding streets. Tunis is one of the major Tunisia tourist destinations.

National Archaeological Museum is situated in Carthage. It has a collection of antiques like the sarcophagi and early clay masks and displays the mosaics and models of Capitol and the Tophet. It is also home to Punic Carthage ruins. Bulla Regia is a Roman city lying in the north-western part of Tunisia. It has semi-subterranean houses which belong to the Hadrianic period. It has structures like Villas, Baths, Temples and Basilicas. Tunisia tourist destinations comprise of many historical sites of significance.

Kerkennah is the small group of islands, located off the coast of Srax. This is Tunisia’s second city but is rarely visited by tourists. It has two main inhabited islands, Gharbi and Chergui joined by a causeway. Quartier Punique is an excavation in Carthage used as a burial place. Here visitors will see early temples and Gens Augusta. It also features early water supply and houses. Utica is an ancient city which was founded by the Phoenicians. It has several historical sites to see.

Kelibia Fortress was built in early 1200s; it has bastions offering views on Sicily. The interior of fort is renovated from time to time and well maintained. Lake Ichkeul is great place for fishing and hiking. It has asphodels, irises and water lilies. It also has interesting species of plants such as pink garlic and purple garlic. 

Cuisine of Tunisia is a mixture of desert dwellers and Mediterranean culinary traditions. Some of the popular dishes of Tunisia are; Asida (sweet gruel pudding), Makoud (Potato and meat casserole), Merguez (small spicy sausages) and Chorba (a seasoned broth, with pasta, meatballs, fish). Tunisia tourist destinations come with a huge variety of local cuisines which will not disappoint food lovers.

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