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Grenada consists of 3 amazing island destinations in the eastern corner of the Caribbean. Read more to find out about this incredible tropical paradise.

Grenada is a beautiful island, full of exotic tropical flowers. Surrounded by amazing beaches, and attractive towns, this green island is actually an important source of various spices. The island has enormous volcanoes, breathtaking rivers and waterfalls and incomparable rainforests. The spectacular St. George, is believed to be the most attractive city in the Caribbean.

The beauty of Grenada is complemented by it’s unique history and culture. The various festivals and markets remains an important part of lifestyle on Grenada.

For a lot of tourists the biggest attraction here is it’s beaches and coral reefs, and Grenada provides plenty of both. The island is surrounded with miles of amazing beaches, such as both black and white sand beaches. The incredible Grand Anse Beach, stretches for 2 miles around a beautiful bay and is world renowned. Grenada has a lot to offer individuals thinking about offshore activities too, with readily available and perfect reefs off the coast.

The beautiful islands of Grenada

Grenada includes three different islands. They are Grenada, Carriacou, and Petit Martinique. Grenada is definitely the biggest of the three islands. It offers mountainous and volcanic terrains. This particular topography provides Grenada with some of the most attractive and diverse surroundings within the Caribbean, and this includes stunning crater lakes in addition to a variety of plants and animals. Tourists will find forests, mountains, mangroves, spectacular beaches, lots of coral reefs and warm Caribbean waters.

The smaller island, Carriacou, has lots of hills but not mountains. Carriacou has easier landscapes which makes it ideal for walking. It has beautiful beaches and natural harbors, and offers superb views of the other Grenada islands. The island of Petite Martinique, which is the third and undoubtedly the smallest Grenada island, doesn’t have a big tourist infrastructure.

Where is Grenada?

The amazing islands of Grenada can be found in the Eastern parts of the Caribbean in the southern areas of the Windward island group, a mere 100 miles to the north of Venezuela. Other amazing Caribbean islands found close to Grenada includes St. Vincent and Cuba.

The climate in Grenada

The average temperatures in Grenada vary from 24C to 30C, and is cooled by the constant trade winds. The lower temperature conditions happen in between November and February. Due to Grenada’s outstanding geography, Grenada island also encounters climate alterations based on altitude. The dry period is around January to May. Throughout the rainy season, which is from June to December, it hardly ever rains for longer than an hour or so at a time and usually not every single day.

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