What to do in Vienna in 3 Days

Like many other cities in Europe, Vienna draws its charm from its impeccable architecture, rich history, delicious food and nightlife scene and most of all, its cultural prominence. An amazing blend of old and new, both art and artists are the big thing here and as you tread through its streets, you realize there is no end to the number of things to do and see here.

To help out those who are planning a 3 days trip to Vienna, we have chalked out Vienna Itinerary 3 days that will not only fill you in on how to spend 3 days in Vienna but also help you to make the best of you.

Day 1 in Vienna

Start the first day of your by visiting the St. Stephen’s Cathedral, which is one of the most-sought after Vienna tourist attractions. One of the most famous among both tourists and folks, this stunning building is known for its quintessential Gothic architecture that will prompt you to stop for a while and admire. After that, you can go to the Plague Column also known as the Pestsäule, which is an awe-inspiring building and sits amidst a bustling shopping place. You can always come here while visiting Graben. Ensure to give the St. Peter’s Church a visit too. A must see in Vienna in 3 days, it surely beckons for a picture or two!

Day 2 in Vienna

Embark on a knowledgeable trip of Natural History Museum, one of the prime things to do in Vienna,  first thing in the morning. The 19th-century building is a popular destination for art lovers and historians to land in and explore.
Follow it with a visit to Burggarten and Mozart Statue and Vienna State Opera to admire their scenic surrounding.

Day 3 in Vienna
Spend your third day morning in Schönbrunn Palace which is one of the most popular attractions in the city. If you can, also attend the concert that is held here! The place also has a huge garden for you to stroll through and relax.

Just ensure to book an accommodation (there are many cheap hotels and budget hotels) before arriving to avoid unnecessary hassle.

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